D&J Toys started from the ideas of 2 fans (David Oliveri McGovern and Joe Harris) that wanted to offer an item to the G.I.Joe community. The Cobra Base was an item originally offered through SEARS as an exclusive pack in item for Cobra COmmander, a Cobra soldier, and a Cobra trooper. It was made of cardboard and of course has not held up well over the years. A real good condition original version can got for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. This is where it all started.

After several years worth of talks and trying to figure out a way to recreate this item in a way that didn't destroy the value of the original and also gave those fans that would never own an original a way to own a replica, D&J Toys was formed. Instead of having just a cardboard base, it was decided to make it plastic. This really creates a unique replica that will allow fans an item to own and display for many years to come.

From that, we have began to expand and offer more items. The first are display items that enhance the way you can display and play with your collection. These are high quality hand made items made of hard plastic. We also offer you the ability to create custom displays that may fit your needs as well as stickers. We will continue to expand as well and bring even more new items!