Presenting high quality display backgrounds that help create an environment to further enhance your display of your collection. These display backgrounds allows your figures to look as they they are in an environment that compliments the figure.

These display stands have a picture that is 5x7 mounted to the plastic backdrop. These are smaller than the larger display stands and are perfect to compliment 1 - 3 figures. These also feature a texture that compliments the background unless it's an indoors display.



PRICE:   $8 each

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For more than one base of the same background selected, just include a note to say how many more you want of any selected background.


PRICE:   $16 each   2 at $15 each   3 or more at $14 each

This is a full shelf with 6 sections for 4" scale figures. This shelf has keyhole slots on the back and allows you to place multiple ones on the wall for a big display of armor. Order up to 5 on this form below. If you need more just put a note in the comments.


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Gun Display

PRICE:   $15 each

Shown with Marauder series #2 weapons

Now you can display your guns like a pro. This display has a peg board simulated backdrop and comes with 10 pegs you can position however you like. Because of the peg display, you have guides to place the pegs and hold any gun you wish. It also allows you the ability to repositon the pegs by just pulling pegs from one hole and nailing into another. It's very versatile and feels just like a real peg wall full of guns! The back of these displays also feature a keyhole slot so you can hang them on the wall. The plastic is .25" thick. The display is 8" tall and 12" wide with the floor at 4" out and 12" wide.

It is recommended in placing the pegs to use something such as needle nose pliers to hold the peg and a small hammer to tap in place.


Extra display nails:

PRICE:   $1 each set of 10


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