Gliders! You remember the old foam gliders from the 80s that would get destroyed fairly easy! I had these and like many I flew them as soon as I got home from the store. Mine crashed into the house, hit trees, landed on the roof, and any number of hard landings. I still have both but they are damaged.

This project started out as an idea to remake those gliders out of foam. I went as far as figuring out the materials to use, but I was up against a wall on how to get them in colors. It was a few different things holding me back from making the foam ones a reality. That's when fellow collectors and friends asked if they could actually be display items and not foam.


These are actually plastic display items and NOT FLYING VERSIONS. They are more accurate to size with what you saw in the old cartoon and comic. More of a toy replica than the originals. Something that looks really nice displayed with your collection! Guns are cast resin. Peg fits most modern style figures and there is a space you can use to attach other figure that do not fit this peg using a rubber band or string.

Note that foam gliders are not completely forgotten. There may still end up foam glider replicas made eventually. For now focus is on the display items.


PRICE:   $20 SET     BAR:   $2  


PRICE:   $12     BAR:   $1   PRICE:   $12     BAR:   $1  


PRICE:   $12     BAR:   $1   PRICE:   $13     BAR:   $1  


Nightforce glider has GLOW IN THE DARK stickers!.

PRICE:   $12     BAR:   $1   PRICE:   $12     BAR:   $1  


PRICE:   $12     BAR:   $1  

Bar for Gliders! Select to add on for $1


For more than one of any set or glider, just include a note to say how many more you want of any selected.

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