If you are looking for the latest from D&J Toys, this is the page to check! As we have newsworthy announcements you will find them here.

(8-19-09) - The first batch of Cobra Bases have shipped and the second round is being created now! There are 5 in this batch and you will be getting an email soon if you are on the list! If you haven't signed up yet, please feel free to do so as it secures you a spot. Orders are filled in the order that we have received them.

(8-21-09) - The Pit Replacement Parts is officially offered today! These items replace the cardboard that comes with the Pit Playset. Additionally you can order extra crates.

(4-3-10) - Master Shelves have been put up for ordering. As of this update I am still behind on the Cobra Base orders, but there are far too many people asking when these shelves will be live on the site. So follow this link and you'll be able to start ordering!

(4-18-10) - Hall of Armor shelfs and single units for 4" scale figures are up. Follow this link to start ordering now!

ADDITIONAL NOTE!!! - Those who are on the waiting list for the Cobra Base have been waiting for a while now. I've had lots of major setbacks that has delayed me. I am still making them and am still filling orders. Anyone thinking about ordering one can feel free to do so. I am not canceling orders. I am keep a decent pace on building and sending. The waiting list is far beyond my expectations, and I thank everyone that has been patient with me. I still have all orders and keep everyone of them saved. Even after shipping I hold on to the filled order for any future reference. As long as you are fine waiting, I will fill all orders. Thanks!

(4-23-10) - Larger backgrounds have been added. These are for 6" to 9" sized figures mostly. It's been asked several times if there would be larger versions. The originals were mostly for 5" and under scale, although 6" figures were ok. Now you will be able to set He-Man, Spawn, Marvel Legends, or any other figures from your collection in a background that will be more accommodating. Smaller scales would look fine with certain backgrounds as well. 18 backgrounds are there to start with and more will be added. Also look for new backgrounds soon with the smaller scale displays.

(8-10-10) - Unfortunately I have had delays on top of delays. I've held off on giving an update due to not really knowing when things would clear up. I think I see light at the end of the tunnel. It was a rough summer. I can't say I won't have more delays as that seems to be the nature of the beast. Rest assured though that I'm NOT throwing in the towel. As long as everyone is willing to stick with me I'll keep going. I have new ideas that will come out as well but I NEED to get caught up on the Cobra Bases first.

Something to look for soon is a special sale. This will be for the display items only. I have been telling people about it in email, but due to delays I haven't made it official just yet. Check back here on the news section and you'll find out, or just send me an email to let me know you'd like to be notified. I'll try and make posts on the various forums I'm a member of to let everyone know. Thanks for the support and look for an email soon if you have a Cobra Base on order!

(1-20-11) - To update everyone on the Cobra Base status, everything is moving along fairly well. I have filled many orders since the last update and should be on the way to getting caught up. The special sale mentioned will happen once I get to that point. There are 4 new backgrounds in the 8x10 section as well.

(2-3-11) - Everything is going along well with the Cobra Bases. I know a lot of you are wondering when you will get the email saying your's is shipping. It'll be soon as I've been moving through the list. The pause in shipping right now is due to all the snow everywhere. I see no point in shipping out when there are massive delays up north. That'll just be a small delay for now since I would assume everything will be clearing up in a week or so.

I also added another 4 backgrounds. These will cover your football, wrestling, and UFC 4" figures. I had already put up a golf and baseball background and I'll do something for basketball, tennis, and a few other things soon. I'm working to get a nice variety here and we're currently up to 48 different offerings. There will backgrounds for larger scale figures soon too.

(3-6-11) - Now you can follow us on Facebook. It'll be an easier way to get update on things, progress of the build, etc. Just go to the front page and select "Like".

(3-13-11) - The gun display is now up for order! Just click here to see more.

(9-11-11) - After having a car wreck in April that caused enough issues for me to have to put a hold on the Cobra Base. Then the heat through the summer was well over 100 degrees which caused my workshop to be too hot to work in. The latest was the website was not sending me orders. Now I'm finally back up and rolling. I've been doing updates on Facebook so if you haven't done so, "like" the D&J Toys page to stay informed. I am back up and rolling pretty good. I hope to keep it that way.

(11-24-11) - I have been steady shipping Cobra Bases and will be sending out another batch this coming week. I should be wrapping up the list of people that have been waiting just after this group. Everything will finally be caught up with those.

With that there will be a Black Friday sale this week. The 8x10 displays normally are $15 each. This Friday only they will be 2 for $25. The 10x14 normally are $18 each. They will be on sale 2 for $30. Order in pairs for the special price and orders must be marked 11/25.

Also from December 1st until December 12th there will be a special offer to win a free Master of the Universe Classics She-Ra. To enter, just purchase one or more of the Masters shelving. Each shelf will gain you a name entered into the mix. The She-Ra inspired shelf will gain you 2 entries. On the 15th I will enter all names in a mix and draw a name on video. The video will be put up and a link posted.

(11-26-11) - Black Friday sale officially over. Look for the She-Ra give away promotion next Thursday. Also those waiting for an invoice will get that Monday as well. Thanksgiving sort of through a kink in things.

(11-28-11) - Cyber Monday sale. All Display bases are 10% off today only. All orders sent with 11/28 marked on the order will be eligible and you will get an email for reference to reflect the order for your records.

(2-22-12) - If you haven't been following on Twitter or Facebook, I would like to invite you to do so. I am doing more updates and info there than anywhere else. I reserve this page mostly for new product announcements and other activities. Like us on Facebook at: D&J Toys and on Twitter at: DnJ_Toys.

Also launching today is the backgrounds for 12" figures. These are large backdrops measuring 15" tall and 16" wide. You can easily fit a nice setup of one or more 12" scale figures on these. The "floor" is 8" out and the 16" width. There are 15 backdrops to select from and of course these will have textured bases and depending on the backdrop, a detail that offers the feeling of the background coming out as seen with others.

(4-14-12) - Gliders have been delayed longer than I would like, but soon I will get these up on the site. I've held off on several things due to trying to get the gliders live.

(7-2-12) - I've pretty much determined that I will be taking the Cobra Bases off for ordering. I would much rather slow down on those so I can focus on all these other projects. The bases are such monsters and it would be nice to do them differently.

What I figure is as I'm doing the gliders, guns, and various other things, I will make bases. Once I get a set amount I will put the link back up for ordering and let it stay live until I have depleted the amount I would have built. I;ll just keep repeating the process over and over.

All current people on the waiting list will have their orders filled so don't worry. I just want to do this for future orders so I don't have to worry about people sitting on the list too long. Sometimes people get a base after just 2 months of a wait, but there have been those that have waited a year. I would just rather not have people stuck on a list and it'll allow me to build them at a smoother time frame.

They're not going anywhere so no worries. Just a little something to let me do more things!

(10-7-12) - If you are following us on Facebook, you got an early surprise on an item people have been waiting for. If you haven't been following, why not? I have decided to stop taking orders on the base as I had announced. People that submit an order are contacted to be told there is no order form, only an indefinite waiting list. Until the page is changed completely, you can still submit an order but it will be treated as a waiting list only.

(4-3-13) - Glider page is now live. I am wrapping up the last orders that I committed to. From here on I will only make them and offer up as I have them. It takes too long to do even just 1 and it keeps me busy where I can not do other items. I am not quitting with them, just trying to allow myself time to do more stuff.

(1-12-14) - Coming soon a free download page! Free images to make your own stuff. There is lots and lots of extra stuff that will be setup to allow you to print and make stuff. Instructions will be given so you can get the most out of the printouts!