I've pretty much determined that I will be taking the Cobra Bases off for ordering. I would much rather slow down on those so I can focus on all these other projects. The bases are such monsters and it would be nice to do them differently.

What I figure is as I'm doing the gliders, guns, and various other things, I will make bases. Once I get a set amount I will put the link back up for ordering and let it stay live until I have depleted the amount I would have built. I;ll just keep repeating the process over and over.

All current people on the waiting list will have their orders filled so don't worry. I just want to do this for future orders so I don't have to worry about people sitting on the list too long. Sometimes people get a base after just 2 months of a wait, but there have been those that have waited a year. I would just rather not have people stuck on a list and it'll allow me to build them at a smoother time frame.

They're not going anywhere so no worries. Just a little something to let me do more things!