So you bought the Rise of Cobra Pit playset and after paying $100 you found cardboard parts. It doesn't really look too bad but it's not what you would expect. Plus because of these parts being made of cardboard, it's not uncommon to find them damaged right out of the box.

Well now you can replace those parts with plastic! After many fellow fans asked, we have decided to include replacement parts as part of our line of designs. You can also order extra crates if you would like to really recreate the scenes from the movie showing tons of crates laying around.


The 5 pieces can be left in place once inserted. You would probably take them out when you close up your Pit if you had the cardboard in place. With plastic you won't run the risk of bending the parts and everything hides away just fine as you can see in the photos.





NEW Pit Playset Plastic Replacement Parts:
    $20 each set
(includes 4 crates, ping pong table, and the 5 cutout pieces)

Cardboard versus plastic Example

Extra Crates ($3.50 each):






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