There are less and less options out there for play sets. As toy companies cut back due to cost cutting options, you have really no other choice than to make your own stuff or look elsewhere. Some people use Imaginext and Playmobil. Those items are not quite in scale with a typical 4" figure, but they work. Other people just use styrofoam like when they were kids.

Now there is a new option. With D&J Toys, we mostly push the display abilities. A way to put your figures in an environment to show them off. These items still will push a display idea, but there is also a play element to them. Much like the Cobra Missile Headquarters, there are interactive features. The idea is to bring in some fun into your display. Some of the sets can be placed next to each other to give an idea of expanding the fun.




The Lab play Environment! Use with your favorite mad scientist to give a place for doing evil experiments. Complete with an exam table! This set is 14.5" long x 8" tall x 7" deep. Plenty of room to create lots of fun scenes. Place in the seat at the console or have your scientist stand at the giant screen to run all the data!

PRICE:   $34

Lab Set  




The bad guys need a place to store their stuff, so why not here! You can use this with any group of 4" scale figures. Use as a regular warehouse, bad guy staging area, good guys back room, or whatever. It's a fun versatile set to add to any fun!

PRICE:   $38   (without Barrel and Crate)


PRICE:   $43   (with Barrel and Crate)

Warehouse Set  

Launch Platform


The Launch Platform! Use with your Battle Pods. The included stand will help keep the Battle Pods stable and provide a resting point. Or use without a the stand and have your jet pack guys launch from it, or as a mini helicopter landing platform. This is a great item to have as an added station for your base!

PRICE:   $14

Launch Platform  


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