As new items may be coming soon, here you will be able to get a chance to see some previews of items soon to be available for purchase.

(8-19-09) - Figure Display Stand! These will be smaller items related to the display background and bases. They are a little larger than an average figure stand and comes fully painted with a textured surface. You have a choice from grass, snow, desert, or a beach landing. Look for these to be listed soon!


(11-9-09) - Display shelves for your Masters of the Universe figures or any other six inch figure that you might want to have a backdrop like this for. This backdrop gives you a nice castle walkway. They will come with key-slot cuts in the back so you can easily hang these on the wall. Look for these to be listed soon!

(4-3-10) - Iron Man Hall of Armor! With so many Iron Man figures coming out, what better way to display these new figures than a Hall of Armor display! Special thanks to JBYRDD on JoeCustoms for this idea!

Mock up shown done in Photoshop.

(3-6-11) - This one is based on a request from DarkJedi on joeCustoms. This is for being able to setup Cobra Flight Pods for a launching platform. It has a strut that fits perfect on the bottom of the pod and the struts also are not glued so you can use the platform for a FANG or any other small vehicle. This one will be made using blue plastic and should be on the site soon.

(9-1-13) - Been a while since I put up some previews but I have some items that will be a little while before they are ready to start taking orders on. If you follow the Facebook page, you have already seen these. If not, here they are:

First up is the Danger Room. This will be part of the Play Environments. It'll be a full size item with a control room, positionable rings, a control panel, and bonus rooms. Lots of fun and display abilities.

Next up is another Play Environment. This would be a toxo-lab. Something to use for bad guys producing toxic pollution. Multiple play ares to place figures and a large drum to fill up with "toxic liquids" (water).

Expect these soon. No set time for when, but keep an eye out!